All Photography and Artwork is Original. We traveled to the events, found good photo spots (often several), snapped the shots, walked around a lot, took more shots on the move as opportunities arose then after each event came back home to Guernsey.

Each picture is carefully Developed (shots are taken in RAW format for those technically minded) and candidates for ‘Cutouts’ are selected. The subject matter is then painstakingly manually cut out and if it still looks good (There are many rejects) Steve processes it a bit more to present you with truly Original but real Quality Digital artwork on various chosen products.

We personally order each product individually ensuring the highest quality from our print suppliers then oversee the delivery to your chosen address worldwide. There is no Bulk ordering or shelves full of product. However we do have a lot of mugs in particular in our personal collection as the samples we order to check the quality are building up.

Lynda is the organiser of our adventures and keeps everything in order when we are out and about not least keeping track of when and where we are when Steve is flitting in and out of lines cars or running around museums, displays or even streets taking snaps of whatever he fancies.

Whilst Steve takes care of the technical aspects of the website and processes the images, the geeky jobs. Lynda lives in the real world and oversees the Order processing, keeps our various printers in line and to schedule and subsequent safe delivery of items to you.

We hope you enjoy our work and if you have further interest in the original photography please visit our gallery web site at SmugMug, Lynda & Steve's Adventures

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