Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is simple. We do not share your details with anybody other than the shippers.

The only 'cookies' are used to track your Shopping Cart and hopefully subsequent orders.

All communications and browsing through the web site is through HTPPS:// which securly encrypts your journey through our web pages for your security.

We do keep web logs but these are only used to help us understand what products people are looking at or importantly to us, what they are not.

Also, we do not ask for or keep any payment details as this is between you and PayPal who are trusted globally. You pay PayPal, they forward the proceeds to us (less their cut). We pay our Production company to Print, Pack and Ship the product to you. You get your product.

We are not going to write a load of legal mumbo jumbo we are a home based business, just the two of us who enjoy going to events, taking pictures, and sharing our Art on products we hope you will enjoy.

Our guarantee is 100% Satisfaction if the product is not as pictured and described we will refund your money on return of the product.

If this assurance is not good enough for you you can also buy our products on eBay (and possibly Amazon) where all the legalese is taken care of. The products are more expensive at these outlets because they are very greedy with their commissions and expensive to list the items.

Any problems whatsoever contact us at: or

Kind regards
Steve & Lynda Lajoie
Guernsey, Channel Islands.