John Cobb's Brooklands World Speed Record Holder, Napier-Railton, Wall Clock



Black Framed Quartz Movement Wall Clock

  • 15.17Oz, Battery bot supplied.
  • It measures 9.65" in diameter with 8in face.
  • Quartz Movement with plastic face cover.
  • Perfect for a home, business, shop, or for a gift.

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John Cobb's Brooklands World Speed Record Holder, Napier-Railton

This is one of my favorite cars. The Napier-Railton is an aero-engined race car built in 1933, designed by Reid Railton to a commission by John Cobb, and built by Thompson & Taylor. It was driven by Cobb, mainly at the Brooklands race track where it holds the all-time lap record (143.44 mph (230.84 km/h)) which was set in 1935. This stands in perpetuity as the circuit was appropriated for military purposes during the Second World War and was never used as a racing track again.


This picture was actually taken at its home Brooklands. We went to the Museum with on of the goals to see this vehicle on display. We have seen it in action at the Goodwood Festival of Speed many times, it sounds amazing. When we got to its permanent spot in the Museum the space was empty with a sign saying it had gone to Penrith Sands to help mark the re-running of Bab's (That's another story).


Disappointed but not defeated because Brooklands is a wonderful place we continued our adventure. We came across the fenced off area below the original Brooklands banking that remains to this day. I said to Lynda "We can't come to Brooklands and not stand on the hallowed banking" so through the barrier we went.


Got up to the banking looked right and to our complete surprise there was the Napier-Railton being photographed under the famous iron Bridge on the Brooklands concrete banking complete with a period Bentley and all the people in period dress. I had to take advantage of the staging.


I hovered behind the professional photographer, who I figured must know what he is doing better than me, and clicked off some shots absolutely brilliant experience!


Later I got some more fantastic shots of the Napier-Railton being staged in front of the period fuel station at the Museum with the Mechanic filling the car while the driver looked on - what a treat.

Link to Original Photograph


Brooklands Museum Gallery


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