Mike Dean, Gould, Whoopsie Daisy!, Mounted Canvas Print (3 Sizes to Choose from)



Picture your blank walls with a quality original canvas.


A canvas prints give you a textured, 3-dimensional look that fits with any layout or design. They feature vibrant, fade-resistant printing and they’re mounted on a sturdy, warp-resistant frame. Plus, they’re easy to display using the built-in hangers on the back of the frame. So, what are you waiting for? Create the piece of art your wall’s been missing.


• Art-quality canvas material

• Sturdy, wooden frame

• Easy to mount or hang

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Mike Dean, Gould, Whoopsie Daisy!

I'm having a bit of fun with this pictorial. They say photography is all about being in the right place at the right time. I certainly was for this sequence of shots. There are actually 3 more in the suite but these four best represent Mike's "Moment".


To be fair Mike was giving it his all to beat his arch rival Martin Groves. Nine time Mike had to settle for second place to Martin. Earlier in the day Mike had set a personal best time of 29.71 but it was still not good enough to beat Martin who set 29.60. Second place again!


Seriously, I hope the damage was not to bad, it certainly entertained the spectators!


This Digital Artwork is created by myself from my own original photographs. It is from a  shot I took at the local National Hill  Climb on les Val des Terres.

Catch the whole sequence of 8 original photographs

The Art

  • Model: Art Canvas Print